The L & D Earthmoving Fleet

  • Bobcat (Posi Track available) - The bobcat remains one of the most versatile pieces of construction and maintenance equipment, even though it is 50 years since its inception.  L&D Earthmoving bobcats can be used to move materials from ‘Point A’ to ‘Point B’ with ease and efficiency.  Attachments available are augers, forks, brooms and spreader bars.

  • Micro Combo - The Micro Combo is ideally suited to working on sites with access or size restrictions. The machines are 800mm - 900mm.  Attachments available are augers and hammers. which allow for more flexibility in their application.

  • Mini Combo - The Mini Combo is ideally suited to working on sites with access or size restrictions. The machines are 1,000mm – 1,300mm.  Attachments available are augers and hammers.

  • 2-3 Tonne Combo - The 2-3T Combo machines are generally between 1,550mm – 1,600mm wide.  Attachments include compaction wheels, forks (for bobcat), brooms (for bobcat) rippers, hammer, power rake and augers.

  • 4-6 Tonne Combo - The 4-6T Combo performs the same functions as the Micro Combo but with more power and strength.  These machines are 1,850mm – 2,100mm wide which means they are still relatively compact and suited to sites with access and size restrictions.  More power and strength means greater efficiency and an ability to get the job done faster.

  • 8T Combo - is the most powerful of all combo machines and as a result is used when maximum strength is required.  Attachments available are rock augers, hammers, compaction wheels, grab (claw).

  • Excavators - Our excavators come in a range of sizes from 4 - 30 tonne.  As their name suggests, their primary function is excavation.  However, the addition of attachments such as augers and breakers allow excavators to be used in rock breaking. 

  • Backhoes - Our backhoes come as standard with a rear digging arm and a front loading bucket.   Hydraulic powered attachments are also available from L&D Earthmoving and include augers, hammers, rippers, compaction wheels and extender hoes.

  • Drotts -  The drott is most commonly used for clearing and levelling land prior to construction. They are also used to create roadways, car parks, driveways and dams.  L&D Earthmoving drotts come with laser levelling devices which means a quality result is guaranteed.

  • Vacuum Excavator -  The vacuum excavator delivers non-destructive pothole, excavation, trenching and clean out services with minimal risk and maximum safety.

  • Tippers - We have a range of  3 metre, 6 metre and 10 metre tippers available.  Truck and Dog or Semi tippers are also available on request.

  • Water Trucks - Fully equipped water trucks are available on request.

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